Buy T-shirts online - Do great things for people with developmental disabilities

Buy T-shirts online - Do great things for people with developmental disabilities

You may think shopping for T-shirts online can’t make a difference in improving anyone’s life. But you’ve come to the right blog to learn why that thinking is wrong.   When you shop on line here 1st Choice Family Services - T-shirts Collection  and buy one of these T-shirts online (free shipping included) you actually become part of a movement that is striving to make life better for people with developmental disabilities and for those who support them - direct support professionals (DSPs).  Here’s what it comes down to – a portion of the proceeds from the T-shirts purchased online goes towards increasing the incentive (a more attractive salary) to become a DSP. (There’s a critical shortage of these people who support those with developmental disabilities.) And, what is just as great is that for each T-shirt purchased online – 1CFS wraps one up and delivers it to someone with a developmental disability.

Here's a way to consider the impact of the DSP crisis.  Say your loved one needs home care and  you need extra support daily from a DSP  but all you can do is wait and worry until more DSPs are employed. And this causes hardship and stress for everyone in the family and  affects  your entire world  -  your work life,  your relationships and much more.

There are so many things that families dealing with developmental disabilities count on for help from DSPs.  Direct support professionals help guide and teach their clients various life skills such as cooking, managing finances, shopping and understanding nutritional needs, helping to coordinate and monitor health services and supervise so, medications, aiding with communication skills and the list goes on.

Also, research has shown that direct support professionals are critical for the community integration of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Not only are DSPs important to quality support methods for millions of people in the United States alone, but a lack of staff can put a pause on integration into the communities where they live.  DSPs are a needed component  to long term services and supports for people with IDD in America and the online t shirt purchase addresses this dilemma. 

Really, it’s hard to believe a super comfy T-shirt in an array of colors for each season (check out shades  like Mocha Gold , Purple Silver and Evergreen Gold colors – perfect anytime but especially nice for fall and winter) with free shipping  can not only help you look your best—but can also do something to help solve a problem affecting so many people within the DD community. And, if you really want to do something great consider buying holiday gifts for everyone in the family here (and do something in an even bigger way for those in the DD community)! Buy the best T-shirts online  here 1st Choice Family Services - T-shirts Collection with free shipping  and you’ll ultimately be helping people with autism, down syndrome , cerebral palsy and so many other developmental disabilities.  An easy, online purchase that does good.

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